Anything Goes

By Doris Dolina

1st Attempt @ Sketching

I was not born an artist and never will be. During my elementary and high school days where arts was part of the curriculum, my work of art never had a chance to impress any of my teachers’ artist eye. Even my colorwheel project in Grade 4 did not pass my  teacher’s eyes, she gave me a grade of 78% for that despite my greatest effort. In grade 5, my art teacher once asked me if my mother helped me with my project because it was way better than my other art projects previously submitted to her. It was an insult but somehow true. In that particular project, my mother, who was an art teacher, suggested what color combination to use which I agreed but I made the whole project. It was the first and only project of mine which was posted on the Arts Gallery. 

Well, even if I was not given that artistic ability, I can always learn (with the help of the internet). There are numerous drawings or sketches in Google which will serve as my guide. It’s not yet late to learn for as long as my hands are still able scribble, I will keep on learning.


Am I A Spoiled Brat?

When my daughter asked me, “Mom, am I a spoiled brat?”, I was taken a back for a while although I had a ready answer for that question stored at the back of my mind. 

Since the day my only daughter, Kendra, was born, me and my husband showered her with much love and attention. I became a hands-on mother while my husband became the sole financial provider. We gave Kendra her basic needs, bought her toys, books, and dresses, brought her to kiddie playgrounds, and she had her share of travels with us both locally and internationally. But all these were not lavish, it was minimal.

When Kendra started to go to school, we saw her scholastic potentials. At an early age, she showed her eagerness to learn and her will to achieve. To inspire her to continue to get good grades, on our part as parents, we came up with “reward system”. This means that she will get rewarded for whatever achievement she gets from school. If she wants something, like a new Barbie doll, she has to work hard for it and wait until the end of the school year in order to get it. She will get it if she will be in the Honors list. For periodical exams, she also get rewards but not as expensive as school year end rewards. As she gets older, her school activities and achievements are becoming plentier and diverse. Like last year, she was elected and served as Lower B.E.D. PRO for the Student Council, passed the gruelling exam for the school paper which led her to become a senior writer, she joined contests and quizbees. This year, as sixth grader, she became the school’s representative for the Diwa League of Champions, Credit Awardee for International Competitions ans Assessments for Schools-English, Junior Editor-in-Chief of the school paper, & 1st grading period achiever. She got her rewards for all these accomplishments. She need not win in the contests, her effort is enough for her to get a reward. The material rewards she get are not really that expensive because my daughter, who in the first place is very thrifty, does not want anything lucrative. Books, notepads and pens are enough but sometimes she gets clothes, bags, or shoes (depending on the weight of her achievement). Recently, she asked for Percy Jackson novels & G-tech colored pens. Her vast collection of novels  mostly come as a product of her good scholastic records and other achievements. 

Yesterday, one of my daughter’s classmates asked her, “Kendra, are you spoiled?”. This question stunned her as she believes in herself not being a spoiled brat. She asked instead her classmate why did she ask her that question. Her classmate said that because she has more of everything,like more pens, more books, more washi tapes, & more art materials, she thinks that my daughter always get what she wants. My daughter clarified to her classmate that she only gets what she wants after working hard for it. 

We reward our daughter  for being a good student, not for being a brat. The rewards are not meant to spoil her, but to inspire her to do better.


My siblings call me PUSI, short for “pussycat”, my petname which was coined by my younger sister. Now, even my nephews and nieces also call me Tita Pusi. Why do I have this name? Does it mean that I love felines? Do I look like a cat? Merriam Webster dictionary defines pussycat as a person who has a kind and gentle nature. Do you think this is the reason why I’m called Pussycat?  Of course, not! Well, this absurd name, which I became used eventually, came out of my sister’s mouth when we had a fight during our younger days. When me and my siblings were much younger, we loved to “invent” unusual names for each one of us during fight nights. They called me by many out-of-this-world-name which my mind deliberately refuse to remember. And so, PUSI was the “best name” which was unanimously baptized to me by my siblings. In my future post, I will tell you the unique pet names of my brothers and sisters.

Twin Towers of Cebu

These towering buildings look like the twin towers of Malaysia. It’s magnificently lovely to look at especially at night when all or most of the rooms are lighted. This could be the best place to stay on New Year’s eve when the skies of Cebu is enveloped with glittering and sparkling lights of the fireworks. 

Bryan Davis’ Novels

It’s not me who’s reading these books, it’s my 10 -year old daughter. These are her recent book finds. She’s been itching to read all these books but her busy school work and activities prevent her from finishing all of these. 

Dragonfly on a Lily


Captured from my Samsung Note 3 cellphone…… A red dragon nestling on the bud of a water lily.

Flashback: Fun Friday in Fukuoka


We stayed in Fukuoka, Japan from March to May in 2011. One of the most treasured moments I got from my Japan summer travel was the special bonding with my family away from home. We strolled around the different parks & fed the crows, visited the museums, shopped for rare pieces at flea markets & second hand shops, ate ramen, sushi ,& maki, and did many other things. It was indeed
a very nice experience!

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